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Maternity Moments

Trust the expert team of Cherokee Women’s Health to help you welcome your new bundle of joy. With double board-certified OB/GYNs and certified midwives, we offer the very best care for you and your baby.

Over 15,000 babies delivered
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How We’re Keeping You Safe

We take every precaution to keep moms, babies, families and our staff safe here at Cherokee Women’s Health.
Learn more about our COVID-19 safety protocols.

Patient Stories

Read stories from real patients to get an intimate look at their experiences before, during and after their pregnancies.

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Tour Northside’s Labor & Delivery Unit

Follow along as Dr. Gandhi takes you on a tour of Northside Hospital’s Labor and Delivery Unit, and talks about what you can expect.

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What to Know

What to Do Before Getting Pregnant

You’re considering getting pregnant! Mentally, you’re beginning to commit to the idea, so one of the first few questions you might ask yourself is, “What can I do before getting pregnant? How can I be sure my baby will be ...


Nutrition Counseling

Proper prenatal nutrition is as vitally important to a baby’s health and development as smoking, drinking or misusing drugs can be harmful to a growing fetus. We consider diet such an important factor in pre-pregnancy planning and prenatal care that ...


What is the Difference Between an OB/GYN and a Midwife?

By Britton Crigler, MD, FACOG Many women who are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant wonder if they should see an OB/GYN, a midwife, or both. To make the decision that is right for you, it’s important to know the ...


Routine Prenatal Care

Routine prenatal care is not a luxury or indulgence. It’s something both you and your baby deserve, and it’s a service that we excel at and are happy to provide. Just as a gardener waters, nurtures, and cares for the ...