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Health-Faith Connection

Dr Litrel OB/GYN
Dr. Litrel

An increasing amount of research from medical institutions is being devoted to investigating and demonstrating the connection between faith and health. There are times when a breakdown in physical health may have its roots in an emotional or spiritual problem.

Dr. Michael Litrel, FACOG, FPMRS, has made made a lifelong study of this area. He has authored the book The Eyes Don’t See, and speaks about the connection between faith and health at both popular events and medical conventions.

The Eyes Don't See book by Dr. Litrel

The Eyes Don’t See What the Mind Don’t Know:
A Physician’s Journey to Faith

This book by practice physician and award-winning columnist Dr. Mike Litrel is a popular favorite for gift giving or just for pleasure reading. The Eyes Don’t See is full of true stories of miracles in the operating room – stories that will restore your belief in the power of love and faith to change and save lives.

A Mismatch Made in Heaven book by Dr. Litrel

A MisMatch Made In Heaven:
Surviving True Love, Children, and Other Blessings In Disguise

Dr. Litrel trades stories with his wife Ann in their book on marriage and family. With his trademark humor, Dr. Litrel shares what happens when a husband and wife don’t see exactly eye to eye — reassuring readers, as he has thousands of patients, it’s okay to be human.

Signed copies of Dr. Litrel’s book are available for sale in the office. You may also purchase online or on Kindle.