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Herpes Patient Story

Genital herpes is an STI that can be contracted by any sexually active person. Herpes is very common throughout the ...
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Sudden Abdominal Pain was Ovarian Torsion

Lucy was only 17 when she began experiencing pain and tenderness in her abdomen. Her primary doctor chalked it up ...
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Do I Have a Shallow Vagina?

As OB/GYNs, we are asked thousands of questions from our patients. Oftentimes, women feel embarrassed to ask common questions, such ...

Why Does Sex Hurt?

If sex hurts for you, you're not alone. Thankfully, treatment options are available so you can get back to enjoying ...
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What Causes Painful Sex?

Painful sex is one of the most common issues women face, and it often becomes more prevalent over time. The ...
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5 Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore – and Why You Should See Your OB/GYN ASAP

There are five health symptoms women should never ignore and as OB/GYNs, we have seen many cases where women have ...
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Reasons Why Women Choose Hymen Repair

Hymen repair (hymenoplasty) is sought after for many reasons. They range from physical to cultural. Whatever the reasons, it's a ...
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GYN Ultrasounds

Ultrasonographer Rachel talks about ultrasounds and what you can expect at your GYN ultrasound appointment. Watch More GYN Videos Below ...