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Abnormal periods with heavy bleeding interfere with everyday life. Although every woman experiences her period differently, a normal, healthy period is defined by a few standard criteria.

Normal bleeding:

  • Occurs about every 25-31 days
  • Lasts 4-5 days
  • Totals 2-3 tablespoons

Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB):

  • Can last longer than 7 days
  • May require frequent change of protection, or double protection
  • May include large blood clots in your flow
  • May cause tiredness, fatigue or shortness of breath (symptoms of anemia)

You might be surprised to find out that studies show that “heavy periods” mean more than heavy bleeding. If your periods are interfering with your everyday life, we recommend taking the short quiz below, and sharing the results at your next appointment.

Heavy Bleeding Quiz

  • Does your period last longer than seven days?
  • Do you use more than three pads or tampons per day?
  • Do heavy periods affect your social life, fitness, or your sexual intimacy?
  • Do you miss work because of your periods?
  • Are you done with (not planning on) child-bearing?

Q&A with Dr. Haley: Treatment for Long, Heavy Periods

Dr. Haley discusses how an endometrial ablation can help women who suffer from heavy periods.

Ablation, a Ten Minute Office Procedure Offers Easy Solution

In many cases, we can eliminate heavy bleeding with a simple office procedure called an ablation. This recent innovation for treating heavy periods has made a huge difference in the lives of many of our patients. We feel it is one of the best examples of an effective use of modern technology to improve a woman’s overall sense of well-being.

There are a variety of technologies for ablations, but basically this painless office treatment using Novasure reduces the lining of the uterus using either sub-zero temperatures or heat. Your menstrual flow will be greatly reduced, or sometimes eliminated completely. Ultrasound is used to help guide this treatment procedure, performed right in our office.

Learn more about ablation.

If you are through with child-bearing and feel that heavy periods are interfering with your life, schedule a consultation appointment today. Call 770.720.7733.

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