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OB Patient Stories

A Mom’s Journey from Grief to Joy

A Mom’s Journey from Grief to Joy

“The darkest time of my life was after I lost my baby at 25 weeks. The grief was unbearable. My ...
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mom jourdan with preemie twins

Premature Twins: A Mother’s Emotional Journey and Her Doctor’s Unique Perspective

We sat down to interview Jourdan Adams to get her perspective on having a high-risk pregnancy with twins, and ultimately ...
C-Section babies photo

Ambre’s C-Section – A Positive Story

C-section babies Rhett and Claire Ambre wasn't expecting to have C-sections with her two pregnancies but she knows without a ...
pregnant woman with morning sickness

Morning Sickness Times Ten

Many pregnant women have morning sickness but for some, symptoms will be much more intense and they'll experience severe, persistent ...
gestational diabetes baby

Gestational Diabetes – Roseann’s Story

Roseann with baby Ava Roseann did not expect to develop gestational diabetes while she was pregnant with her 3rd child ...
mom with preeclampsia and baby

Preeclampsia and Postpartum Depression – Ashton’s Story

Ashton with baby Emerson Just three weeks shy of her due date, Ashton was admitted to the hospital for preeclampsia ...
preemie baby

Preemies Run in the Family

From preemieTo healthy baby girl Premature birth, also known as preterm birth, occurs in roughly 12% of women in the ...
rainbow baby

Miscarriage – You Are Not Alone

A miscarriage often makes women feel alone and as though no one else understands. Janie, a medical assistant here at ...
sad couple after miscarriage

Miscarriage: A Father’s Grief

A father's grief after a miscarriage is often overlooked. Miscarriage and subsequent pregnancies often center on the emotions of the ...