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Autologous Fat Transfer

We all have fat in places we don’t want it. We also have areas that can be sculpted and enhanced through the use of that fat. Now, there’s an organic way to get the best of both worlds. It’s called autologous fat transfer.

Fat transfer (also known as fat injections) can be beneficial for women wishing to correct cosmetic concerns throughout their bodies. Give yourself a more balanced look you’ll love through autologous fat injections.

What Are Fat Injections?

Fat injections provide a way for clients to sculpt their bodies to look the way they want with a simple, in-office procedure. A minimally-invasive liposuction technique is used to safely and effectively remove excess fat from the donor site (typically the abdomen, flanks, hips, or thighs). The removed fat is then cleaned and processed before it’s re-injected to target areas through a small incision. Essentially, you’re killing two birds with one stone. Say goodbye to unwanted fat and hello to an enhanced look somewhere else.

What Are The Uses For Fat Injections?

The autologous fat transfer procedure can add volume to just about any area of your body for a more visually appealing appearance. Let’s take a look at some of your options when it comes to fat injections.

Face (Facial Fat Grafting)

Over time, our skin begins to lose elasticity and underlying fat wastes away. The result can be saggy loose skin and sunken or creased areas which can leave you dissatisfied with your appearance. Aesthetic facial fat grafting can restore your face’s natural contour for a lasting youthful look through enhanced facial volume.

Facial fat transfer can be used to treat a number of your cosmetic concerns including (but not limited to); temples, zygomatic arch, marionette lines, jawline, nasolabial folds, cheeks, and scars due to acne, varicella, trauma or surgery.

Chin Augmentation

Many clients opt for fat transfer to correct small or underdeveloped chins. Not only does a larger chin give you a more balanced look but it can reduce the appearance of your nose and make overbites less pronounced. Through autologous fat injections, the need for more invasive surgical procedures is eliminated.

Lip Augmentation

You can give your face a more proportionate appearance through the use of your own fat. Commercial fillers don’t provide the long-lasting results you’ll get from autologous fat transfer. Enhance the fullness of the upper lip, lower lip or both for a more natural look. Typically, two lip augmentations spread over a six month period are recommended for more permanent results.

Hand Rejuvenation

Fat injections to the hands can restore their youthful appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced or eliminated through fat transfer. Purified fat is injected into pre-determined target areas for a more contoured look you’ll love.

Buttocks Rejuvenation

Sometimes called a Brazilian lift, buttocks rejuvenations are becoming a highly popular procedure. Depending on the amount of donor fat available, you’re able to add volume to any part (or all) of your posterior. This procedure allows you to create the ideal shape with a natural feel. Autologous fat transfer procedures give you long-lasting results surgery-free.

Correction of Skin Depressions and Scars

Fat transfer can be used to correct facial lines, depressions, slight folds, and scars on the face and body. Deeper problems where the depression is attached to underlying deeper tissue may require another surgical procedure in conjunction with fat injections to prevent re-attachment. During your in-person consultation, your doctor will be able to guide you through this process.

Fat Injection to Labia Majora

Women who experience labia majora atrophy due to aging can now improve the appearance of sagging, wrinkled, or dark skin through fat transfer. Rejuvenate the youthful look of the past and boost your self-confidence while removing unwanted fat elsewhere on your body.

How Do Fat Injections and Commercial Fillers Differ?

Both fat transfer and commercial fillers enhance volume through the use of targeted injections. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that are important to consider before making your final decision.

While commercial fillers such as Radiesse, Captique, Sculptra, Cosmoderm, Cosmoplast, Hylaform, Juvederm, and Juvederm Plus, and Juvederm Ultra do successfully correct a number of cosmetic procedures, they’re simply not as long-lasting as fat transfer. Women who aren’t committed to a permanent procedure may benefit from the short-term effects of these fillers.

Although fat transfer injections provide permanent results, they’re also a more involved procedure. Fat transfer requires first harvesting fat from donor sites before re-injecting it into your desired area. Fat transfer also affords you the ability to correct larger body defects than commercial fillers. Because autologous fat transfer uses your own fat, you’re less likely to have an allergic reaction to the injection as well.

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