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Vaginal Rejuvenation Patient Stories

Vaginal Rejuvenation photo of patient

Robin’s Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey – 18 Months Later

18 Months after Robin's Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure: Robin's excited to share her Vaginal Rejuvenation benefits 1-1/2 years later. Sign up ...
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Robin’s Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey – Episode 6

Episode 6: Robin's thrilled with her Vaginal Rejuvenation results, as well as the unexpected benefits. Watch as she and Dr ...
Julie Vaginal Rejuvenation Patient Photo

Vaginal Rejuvenation Gives Julie Multiple Benefits

Vaginal rejuvenation helped restore Julie’s self-esteem. A wife and mom in her early forties, Julie had been self-conscious about her ...
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Robin’s Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey – Episode 5

Episode 5: After Vaginal Rejuvenation, Robin's excited to go on a second honeymoon with her husband of 30 years! See All ...
Episode 4 Robin's VR Journey Photo

Robin’s Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey – Episode 4

Episode 4: Robin shares how she's feeling during her post-op recovery and offers tips to help other women in their recovery ...
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Robin’s Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey – Episode 3

Episode 3: Surgery day! Robin travels to Atlanta for vaginal rejuvenation. See All Videos of Robin's VR Journey Below https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLywUpPl4OC4ui2RMHkpBFxcSY3iqPwBIW&layout=gallery ...
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Robin’s Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey – Episode 2

Episode 2: Robin meets Dr. Litrel on her journey to vaginal rejuvenation and feels hope for the first time. Episode ...
vaginal rejuvenation patient robin

Robin’s Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey – Episode 1

Episode 1: Robin decides to get a 'vagina facelift' ...
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O-Shot and the Positive Benefits for Women’s Relationships

The O-Shot is a treatment available for women which can have a positive effect on her relationships and desire to ...
Lauren O-Shot Patient Photo

O-Shot – I’ll Have What She’s Having

Following is a patient's real account of her O-Shot Experience with Dr. James Haley at Cherokee Women's Health. As I ...
O-Shot patient photo

Putting the “O” Back in an Overtired, Overworked Mom

I am on my way to Cherokee Women’s Woodstock office to get an O-Shot, a procedure that offers women treatment ...