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Maggie’s Journey to Motherhood

Cherokee Women’s Health patient, Maggie, was eager to know if she was fertile. To her surprise, she quickly became pregnant but tragically experienced a miscarriage at 10 weeks. After a D&C procedure, it was discovered that fibroids were the cause of her loss. Her journey to conceive again was fraught with challenges, and it wasn’t until a year later that she received medical approval to try again.

Hope Amid Challenges

A few months after trying, Maggie finally got pregnant again and prepared for a C-section due to the risks associated with her previous complications. Throughout her pregnancy, she became a patient of Dr. Peahen Gandhi, an OB/GYN and urogynecologist who specializes in fibroid-related issues, whom she had admired from the beginning of her journey.

Facing Anxiety and Finding Comfort

As the due date approached, she faced anxiety about the C-section and the potential for further complications. Despite her fears, she found comfort in Dr. Gandhi’s honesty and preparation for any scenario that might arise during childbirth.

“I told her I was scared. I asked her, ‘Are you comfortable with my surgery?’ She was very straight up with me, as she is going to be very honest with you. She explained that all childbirth is trauma and said, ‘Can anything happen for anyone? Yes. Are you a little bit more susceptible than someone else? Yes. But I’m going in preparing for that.’

I think hearing her say that made me more comfortable. I was already confident in her; she’d already done some procedures before, but I think hearing that was like, okay, not only does she know what she’s doing, but she also has everything prepared for worst-case scenarios to happen. It made me feel more reassured.”

Birth and Complications

Eventually, she underwent the C-section. Maggie and her husband welcomed their baby boy, Bradley Olins Barrett, or Bo for short, into the world. The C-section was successful but not without complications. Maggie experienced postpartum hemorrhage and allergic reactions to blood transfusions.

Kindness and Reassurance

Maggie’s mental state became fragile, and she battled anxiety and depression during her stay in the hospital. However, the kindness and reassurance of Dr. Lisa McLeod helped her cope through the difficult time.

Lisa McLeod, DO, FACOOG
Lisa McLeod, DO, FACOOG

“I remember Dr. McLeod came in and said, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ I just cried. She closed the door and said, ‘I’m not going to leave until I know you’re okay.’ She stayed in there for a good 30 minutes, reassuring me.”

“Dr. Gandhi and Dr. McLeod were both my cheerleaders, in the best way.”

– Mom Maggie

Embracing Motherhood with Gratitude

As she settled into motherhood, Maggie realized the immense love and joy that comes with the experience. With her husband by her side, and the love for her son growing each day, she embraced the journey of motherhood with hope and gratitude for the beautiful gift she had been blessed with.

She encourages other mothers to cherish every moment, no matter how challenging, as these moments build resilience and strength.

“It’s one of those things that you don’t know until you know. Everyone has always said that, but that’s real. My advice for other moms is to just enjoy every moment. That sounds so cliché, but it’s true. Even those little moments that I hated in the hospital, they just made moments better in a way with him. Because I got through that, we got through it. That means we could get through other harder things.”

Maggie’s story of perseverance, love, and newfound motherly bliss is a beautiful reminder to others that the journey of motherhood is filled with both challenges and indescribable joy.

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