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‘No More Leaking During Intimate Moments’

Leaking due to urinary incontinence affected Stephanie in more ways than one. Not only was her physical activity affected, but her intimate moments with her husband as well.

“When I ran road races it was just brutal because I was concerned with leakage. It even affected intimacy.”

– Stephanie on the hardships of dealing with incontinence

Stephanie shares how urinary incontinence affected everything from working out, to laughing, to intimate moments — and how she ‘feels free’ after having surgery.

Constant State of Worry

Urinary incontinence can have far reaching effects. Stephanie was so occupied with worrying about what was going on ‘below the belt’ that it hampered her ability to just be in the moment. Working out, as well as intimacy, were a challenge and constantly on her mind.

At just 53, Stephanie realized she was too young to have incontinence rule her life. She decided to take charge and scheduled an appointment with her doctor.

“Within 2 weeks, I took a 60 minute bike riding class at the gym. Shortly after that, I was jumping rope! I feel so free and I worry a lot less. I wish I had done it sooner.”

– Stephanie on the freedom surgery gave her

Surgery Gave Me ‘Peace of Mind’

Stephanie shares that the best part of having surgery for her incontinence is that she got back her peace of mind. She no longer has to worry about leakage in public or private settings, which is a very good thing indeed!