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Is My Vaginoplasty Healing Process Normal?

Many women spend weeks, months, or even years reaching the decision to have vaginal surgery. Each woman has her own reasons for the choice: discomfort, pain, embarrassment, or decreased sexual pleasure, to name a few.


But once surgery day arrives, this transformative life experience becomes a waiting game. Even the most knowledgeable patient can succumb to fears while healing from a vaginoplasty. That’s why Cherokee Women’s Health gives you top care, expert follow-up, and direct access to your surgeon when you need it most.

Is My Vaginoplasty Healing Process Normal?

Following are answers to common questions regarding Vaginoplasty healing and results. Because every woman’s body is different, each patient recovers at a slightly different rate. Many patients can start to move around as soon as the anesthesia wears off. Ice the incision area in the 24-48 hours after surgery. Most patients can return to a normal behaviors (such as non-strenuous work) after 48-72 hours, but a full 6-8 week recovery period is necessary before engaging in sexual activity. Optimize your healing process by carefully following the post-op instructions of your physician. 

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I still feel vaginal pain a week post-op. Is that normal?

Many women experience pain as the skin and muscles of their most sensitive areas knit back together. Vaginal pain is still expected one week after surgery. If you’re experiencing post-op pain, take your prescribed painkillers or ice the area as recommended by your doctor.

I’m not happy with my results. Can I schedule another surgery?

A patient cannot appreciate the results of a vaginoplasty before she’s fully healed. Tenderness, swelling, and myriad other factors may influence a woman’s perspective of her post-op results. We recommend waiting 6 months to 1 year after surgery to allow the site to fully heal and the vaginal muscles to settle into their new permanent state. If you’re still not happy with the results of your vaginoplasty, ask your surgeon about a follow-up procedure or labiaplasty.


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