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Labiaplasty Healing: What’s “Normal”?

When a woman chooses labiaplastic surgery, she spends weeks preparing. She discusses her concerns with her doctor, follows her physician’s pre-op instructions, and prepares for a normal recovery. But no matter how well a patient prepares, it’s easy to panic when the healing process doesn’t go as expected. Cherokee Women’s Health has gathered our most frequently asked post-labiaplasty questions to put your mind at ease.

Most Common FAQs About Post-Op Labial Swelling

Is this swelling normal? In most cases, yes. As the labia heals, all patients experience varying degrees of swelling and tenderness. If the swelling continues for more than a few weeks, schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your concerns.

What Causes of Post-Labiaplasty Swelling?

The most common cause of prolonged swelling after a labiaplasty is tender scar tissue. Once the incision site is fully healed, your physician may suggest treatment like massaging the scar daily to break down the thick tissue and relieve pain. Residual sutures may also cause tenderness and swelling. Ask your surgeon if the sutures will dissolve naturally on their own, or whether suture removal is necessary.

Could I Have a Hematoma?

A hematoma (collection of blood outside the blood vessel) is typically marked by swelling, discoloration, and a variety of flu-like symptoms. Superficial hematomas are easily treated. Use an ice pack to relieve temporary discomfort. Ask your doctor about your symptoms to determine whether you have a hematoma at the surgery site and, if so, what is the recommended treatment.

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