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“Is This as Good as It Gets?”

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After giving birth to three children, Carina was left with some challenges that she did not expect. While she absolutely adores her children and loves being a mother, she wasn’t prepared for the physical changes to her body, or the emotional changes. It not only affected her self-esteem, but changed her intimate relationship with her husband as well.

Earlier in her marriage, she enjoyed an active and healthy sexual relationship with her husband, Keith. She thrived on being the “initiator” and she candidly shares that Keith quite enjoyed it. Like many women, her body changed after having children, but she didn’t realize how it affected her personality. Once very confident and outgoing, she became more emotional, moody, and withdrawn.

The Breaking Point

The breaking point for Carina was one day when her patient and loving husband sat down with her and openly shared his concern. He told her he loved her completely, but that it broke his heart to see the vibrant, sexy woman that he fell in love with fade into the distant past. She broke down in tears because she missed that woman too.

After many more conversations and taking time for self-analysis, Carina knew she needed to make some changes. She felt assured that her relationship with Keith was strong, that this was more about her and her overall self-esteem and happiness. She longed for the confidence that she once had and was ready to make some changes.

“There was something that happened after giving birth to my children. I felt like I had somehow given everything I had. My energy level was zapped, and I quit caring about my appearance. I lost my self-confidence, and I didn’t feel like having sex anymore. After three vaginal births, my vagina felt damaged, swollen, and made me feel unattractive. My labia became enlarged, and my vagina felt stretched out. As a result, sex with Keith was less enjoyable and very infrequent. It saddened me, and I hated that this was the way my future looked. It reminded me of a line in a movie, ‘Is This as Good as it Gets?’

– Carina on how her body – and mind – changed after giving birth

Finding the Right Type of Surgeon

It was then that Carina made the decision to see if there was a procedure that could help her. She assumed she’d need a plastic surgeon but after doing research, she knew she needed someone more specialized. After a long search, she found that she needed vagina and labia repair, which is also called vaginal rejuvenation. She read online reviews and was led to a doctor in another state, Michael Litrel, MD, FACOG, FPMRS. He was an experienced pelvic surgeon and was both a urogynecologist and an OB/GYN with many years of experience.

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Making the Appointment with Dr. Litrel

Carina called Dr. Litrel’s office and spoke with his Senior Patient Coordinator, Erica. They spoke several times and Carina had her many questions answered. She was finally ready to do a video consult with Dr. Litrel to see if this was the right decision for her.

“Though I was somewhat reserved, Dr. Litrel immediately put me at ease. He gave me a full explanation of why my body was the way it was and assured me that what I was experiencing was completely normal. I was hesitant to discuss something so personal with a stranger, but I instantly felt a connection and could tell he was caring and professional.

– Carina on her first consult with Dr. Litrel

I shared with Dr. Litrel that my labia had scarring on it, was asymmetrical, and stretched out from the rough deliveries. He explained that during childbirth, the vagina, and vaginal opening stretches during a vaginal delivery, and while it typically returns to pre-pregnancy size, for many women, it never returns to 100%. He said that with his expertise in labia repair, he would make me look like a new woman. He gave me hope.”


One Week After Vaginal Rejuvenation

“All went well and it wasn’t even as bad as I thought,” Carina shared a week later. As Dr. Litrel had prepared me, the day after surgery was hard and uncomfortable, but the next day was better, and by the fifth day I had no more pain. I am very pleased with the outward appearance, even with some slight swelling. It looks fabulous!”

Twelve Weeks After Vaginal Rejuvenation

“Whoa! I got my mojo back! My confidence is nuts! My husband and I waited to have sex until it had been twelve weeks. I was a little scared the first time, wondering how everything would feel, but we both could tell a big difference. I felt like it did before we had our kids, not only physically, but my self-esteem was through the roof. The boost in confidence was life-changing for me. I feel like my old self — vibrant and sexy!”

– Carina candidly shared just twelve weeks after her labia and vaginal repair procedure.

Feeling Appreciative for Dr. Litrel

Carina says she’s appreciative of Dr. Litrel for how he helped her restore her confidence. “Dr. Litrel completely understood my concerns and gave me assurance that all would be fine. He was right, and I am so thankful for his surgical skills and expertise. What an incredible doctor,” Carina shared.

Vaginal Rejuvenation by Female Health Experts

Carina decided to share her story, along with the intimate details, for one reason — she is hoping to help and encourage other women. If you can relate to her story, please request an appointment online to learn more about vaginal rejuvenation. Or call us today at 770.721.6060.