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Pelvic Prolapse Surgery – Susan’s Story

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Pelvic prolapse can cause a constant urge to go to the bathroom. Our patient Susan experienced this, and sometimes she couldn’t make it in time, and would also leak throughout the day. She was also dealing with urinary tract infections that were not responding to antibiotics. All of these symptoms were affecting her everyday quality of life. Susan couldn’t live like this any longer, so she made an appointment with her OB/GYN.

Susan’s doctor told her that she had pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic organ prolapse happens when the muscles and tissues supporting the pelvic organs (the uterus, bladder or rectum) become weak or loose. This allows one or more of the pelvic organs to drop — or press into or out of — the vagina.

Learning that surgery was the best option to fix the problem, Susan began researching, and discovered that many doctors perform this surgery by cutting through the abdomen. This was not the route she wanted to pursue.

Seeking a Pelvic Prolapse Expert

Susan also learned that certain doctors have the expertise to perform this surgery vaginally, which would mean it would be less intrusive and would typically require less recovery time. Susan knew she needed an expert.

“I found Dr. James Haley of Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists. I was thrilled to pieces, because I knew I had found a doctor with the knowledge and expertise I was looking for,” Susan says.

Dr. Haley is double-board certified in urogynecology and has successfully performed this surgery numerous times.

Pelvic Prolapse Surgery

Dr. Haley determined that Susan needed a total vaginal hysterectomy, and an anterior, posterior and enterocele repair. At 65 years old, Susan knew the longer she waited, the harder the recovery could be.

She scheduled the surgery right away. 

The pelvic prolapse surgery was a success and after a 24-hour hospital stay, Susan went home to recuperate. She spent the following three weeks at home before returning to work on a limited activity basis, as she was still healing and dealing with some discomfort.

Three months later and Susan is feeling back to normal. All of her pre-surgery symptoms are gone, and she is so happy that she took the time to do her research to find someone with such expertise.

Finding an expert in pelvic prolapse surgery made all the difference to Susan’s quality of life, and she highly recommends Dr. Haley.

Susan encourages other women: “If you are experiencing such life-altering symptoms as I was, seek help and make sure to find an expert.”

If you can relate to Susan’s story, and need an expert yourself, please contact us to schedule an appointment at 770.720.7733.