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Is Birth Control Tied to Depression?

A recent study has concluded that certain types of hormonal birth control can lead to depression. More than one million women were studied over a 13-year span and those who took combined progestin and estrogen pills had a 23% likelihood of developing depression. Those who were taking a progestin-only pill were 34% more likely to be diagnosed as depressed. For adolescents between the ages of 15-19 who used birth control pills, the instances of depression jumped to 80%.

There may be outside factors involved in the diagnosis of depression, especially considering that women in the adolescent stage may be predisposed to depression due to other issues they encounter such as hormonal changes, or depression from a triggered immune system.

Discuss All Birth Control Options For You

With depression associated as a symptom of some types of hormonal birth control, it is important for women to discuss all birth control options with their doctor as well as disclose any and all side effects, including depressive symptoms.

If a patient is prone to depression or has relatives who suffer from depression, it is worth mentioning to the doctor. However, these risks should not scare women away from birth control, in fact, an unplanned pregnancy can cause depression, too. There are many options available today. If one on method does not fit with a patient’s lifestyle, there are others to try. Being open with health care providers is key. Knowing a patient’s health history makes it possible for doctors to prescribe medications that will get the best results.

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