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What’s the Best Advice for New Parents?

Bringing a new baby home is one of the most exciting exciting experiences new parents can have. Understandably, new parents may feel overwhelmed with all of the advice and information available, and trying to get a feel for what works best for you and your new family member can be daunting. In the spirit of Valentine’s week, the Cherokee Women’s Health team wishes to share some of the most helpful advice for new parents that we know to be true:

Quite simply, love each other, as this models a healthy relationship for your new child as they learn and grow.

Need a Relationship Pick-Me-Up? Couple with new baby's hands in a circle

If the upcoming romantic holiday has you thinking that your relationship (whether it involves a new baby or your children have flown the nest) could use a little pick-me-up, why not try one of these ideas that don’t have to end with Valentine’s Day:

  • Try something new together. Test out a new restaurant, sign up for a cooking or dancing class, or see if you can steal away a night from the kids in the Georgia mountains.
  • Laugh. Laughter is of the essentials to building a strong, healthy relationship. It brings people closer together, creates intimacy, and helps resolve conflict.
  • Eat healthy. A colorful diet full of fruits, veggies and plenty of protein will not only help you feel better, it might help put you in “the mood.” Common aphrodisiacs include oysters, figs, almonds, and avocados.
  • Take a walk. Exercising together, even if taking a quick 30-minute stroll, can help increase blood flow, which helps boost mood, reduces stress, and can lead to a bigger desire in the bedroom.
  • Remember that you’re a team. If anyone can attest to the trials and tribulations of family and marriage, it’s Dr. Litrel and his wife, Ann. Try to remember that you’re not alone in your struggles, and that if you can work as a team, your entire family will benefit.

If your family is growing this month, we hope that you have the love and support needed to help inspire your children to grow up and experience healthy relationships. If you’re done adding to your family, what other advice would you give to new parents about starting a family? Share with us by leaving a comment below.