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Sex Can Improve Sleep

Sex can improve sleep, according to the latest studies. While more research is needed, the findings have shown that a healthy sex life can indeed help improve sleep and quality, restorative sleep can improve sex.

Sexual Dysfunction May be Improved with Better Sleep

Studies estimate that around 45% of women experienced at least mild sexual problems in the last year, and around 17% of women had more serious issues that caused them distress.

Sexual health problems can be primarily physical but are also associated with mental, emotional or relationship issues that interfere with normal sexual activity.

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Examples of sexual dysfunction include:

  • A lack of arousal
  • A loss of interest in sex
  • Sex that is painful or not enjoyable.
  • An inability to experience excitement or orgasm

Sleep Quality and Amount of Sleep Matters

Sleep affects nearly every process and system of the body and is vital for one’s health. And while sleep is important, not all sleep is alike. Waking up several times a night or sleeping very lightly will not give you the restorative sleep your mind and body need to function at its optimum level. Continuous, uninterrupted sleep is vital and enables the restorative sleep we need.

Another factor is the amount of time we sleep. Seven to nine hours of sleep per night is the average amount needed for adults for recuperation.

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  • Sleep deprivation
  • Insomnia
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
  • Working non-standard hours can throw a person’s circadian rhythm out of alignment, resulting in poor sleep.
  • Poor mental health as a result of lack of sleep can increase stress, leading to conflict with a partner more likely.

Orgasms Result in Better Sleep

Just as sleep can lead to better sex, studies show that sex can lead to better sleep. After an orgasm, hormones like oxytocin and prolactin are released, which can induce relaxing and pleasant feelings. Sex also reduces cortisol, the hormone associated with stress, thus resulting in better, sounder sleep.

These hormonal changes can cause drowsiness, making it easier to fall asleep. Sex with a partner may also trigger this hormonal response by creating greater feelings of intimacy. All of these factors are conducive to better sleep.

Have More Sex for Better Sleep

If you’re suffering from any type of sexual dysfunction, it’s worth it to look at you and your partner’s sleep patterns. The solution might just be a few good snoozes away!

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