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Ashley’s Miscarriage Story

A miscarriage was not what Ashley expected to happen with her first pregnancy. Here, she shares her emotional story.

After many years, Ashley and her husband became pregnant, and they were ecstatic. However, that excitement was short lived as it ended up being a long series of doctor’s visits and Ashley getting her blood drawn every three days. It was not how she envisioned her first pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Ashley’s pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, and it was a heart wrenching process.

“My husband, Jesus and you helped me through a difficult miscarriage. You were great. Every time you saw me, you prayed for me,” Ashley tells Dr. Litrel.

Ashley’s Advice for Others Suffering from Miscarriage

Dr. Litrel asked Ashley if she had any wisdom to share with others who are going through — or have gone through — a miscarriage.

Ashley said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to be around your pregnant friends. Allow yourself to hurt and hurt deeply. Give yourself permission to be angry. Open up your heart to God.”

Pregnant Again!

Ashley did become pregnant after her miscarriage and she’s over the moon. As Dr. Litrel showed her the ultrasound, she couldn’t hide her joy as she exclaimed, “Go little heart, go!”