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Menopause Management


Changes in a woman’s reproductive hormones, beginning as early as her twenties, can cause disruptive symptoms. Common complaints include irritability, hot flashes, insomnia, loss of sexual desire, decreased concentration, difficulty with relationships, anxiety, unhappiness – and a myriad of other problems.

We often see these problems being misdiagnosed as psychiatric disorders by other doctors, with the initiation of powerful medications that can bring about their own set of side effects. As a general rule it’s better to avoid medication, particularly medication that changes the neurochemistry of your brain.

Natural Hormone Replacement

Many times an imbalance of hormones is the culprit, and thus we offer our patients natural hormone replacement. The word hormone sometimes generates fear because of the negative press regarding hormones causing cancer. However, the hormones implicated in causing cancer tend to be synthetic hormones rather than natural hormones – without hormones, life would not be possible.

In addition to Hormone balancing, we often find our patients suffering because of problems with life balancing. There are many demands associated with being a woman; sometimes it’s the choices we are making in life that are causing our symptoms, not a biological deficiency.

At Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists, we try to find the cause of the problem rather than just treat the symptom. We listen to your concerns, perform a careful physical exam and laboratory testing to help identify the sources of discomfort, and specialize in natural treatment options that are safe and beneficial.