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We love our patients! And we love it that so many are referred to us by friends and family who are already patients, and by our trusted colleagues in the health care field. Below is a sampling of thanks in personal notes, photos and video tanestimonials from our wonderful patients.

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“…Dr. Haley is by far my favorite! He listens and has given me so many answers, and has helped me get back to being me. For that I am so grateful. I love Cherokee Women’s.”  – Amber R.

“…Dr. Crigler is so great! He gets you laughing and is so friendly, he just puts you at ease. CWHS is a great place, I highly recommend!”          – Kayla M.

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Gandhi, I love her so much. She is a true angel among us!!”   – Charelle M.

Susan Griggs, the midwife, was AMAZING with the delivery of my first baby.”

“My life would be incomplete without Cherokee Women’s Health! …Dr. Litrel took over my care and not only ended years of pain and suffering physically but has always been a kind ear at every visit…Thank you for your expertise and kind heart…”   – Kally T.

Dr. Hale’s fantastic and always answers my questions. I try to schedule all my appointments with her. The ladies in front are always pleasant too…”

Dr. Gandhi’s amazing! She makes you feel so comfortable and I love her sense of humor!”

Dr. Litrel made me feel very comfortable, even though I was terrified.”

“Throughout my pregnancy I pretty much met all the doctors and the mid wife Susan (who is an angel of mercy lol) and I loved them all! …I will never go to any other OBGYN practice! All of you guys are AWESOME!”  – Carolyn L. 

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Patient Videos

Ashley courageously talks with Dr. Litrel about her experience with miscarriage.

Whitney shares the story of her high risk pregnancy and how Dr. Gandhi helped her:

Amanda, a survivor of domestic abuse, talks about how her visit with Dr. Litrel changed her life:

Michele talks about her hysterectomy and how Dr. Gandhi helped her through it:

More Notes and Testimonials From Our Patients

ThermiVa Testimonials

“I’ve had ThermiVa and ThermiSmooth treatments in the office. Jordan, the clinician, was wonderful – the procedure was very comfortable. I’ve had great results with ThermiVa improving some slight leakage and also dryness. And now I can see that ThermiSmooth is really smoothing the skin and wrinkles around my eyes. Really excited about the results!!” Ann L.

“It works, it really does. There is no down time and it is totally worth it. I had already done a lot of research on ThermiVa. I didn’t have very many questions or concerns. Dr. Litrel was wonderful and explained everything at my first visit. The urinary stress incontinence I was experiencing improved drastically with the very first treatment. I noticed significant improvement in the way things looked which was a nice added bonus. Cherokee Women’s staff is awesome. Very caring, concerning and very professional! I highly recommend this GYN office.”

“I had a 95% improvement with the stress incontinence I was experiencing. I just really wanted to try this to see if it really worked so I could avoid invasive surgery. I also experienced some tightening and an improvement with the physical appearance. Try it! It worked for me!”

“You absolutely have to try ThermiVa! It’s amazing! It’s improved vaginal tightness and sexual relations. My sex life has gotten out of this world awesome! I’ll get a sensation in my vagina and start fantasizing about sex and can’t get home to my husband soon enough! You will not regret it! Worth every penny!”

“Definitely improved the leakage by 95% too and gave me a little more tightness in the vaginal area and overall appearance. I say go for it! It’s non-invasive and I saw improvement with my 1st treatment!”

“Lubrication increased and definitely improved firmness and tightness.”

“My urinary incontinence was instantly resolved and so was the vaginal laxity. I now have better sexual response during intercourse. Do it!”

“My biggest concern was urinary stress incontinence and also, things with age, had become looser. The urinary incontinence was completely gone after the first treatment and it definitely tightened things up, making sex much more enjoyable. Definitely do it! It’s the best thing I have ever done.”

“I’ve already been telling my girlfriends about ThermiVa! My advice is do it, do it, do it! It’s so worth it!  ThermiVa was new so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it really tightened things up and helped with the appearance, which I was so happy to see. It also reduced the days and flow of my monthly cycle.”

“ThermiVa definitely took care of the vaginal dryness. And an unexpected benefit that was amazing is that it improved the look of things. Much tighter and more tone. Go today! You will not regret it! It’s the best decision I’ve made.”

“ThermiVa helped significantly with urinary leakage and I can tell things are tighter. Dr. Litrel and his staff and the nurse who did my treatments were all very professional. It definitely helped me.”

“ThermiVa stopped the bladder leakage and significantly improved the pain with intercourse. I also like that it’s not invasive. I would definitely recommend ThermiVa.”

“ThermiVa is well worth the time and money. I’ve already been recommending it to my family and friends. I experienced definite tightening and I had no more urinary leakage after the very first treatment. I had also been experiencing vulvar itching but there wasn’t a medication that helped. The itching went away immediately after the first ThermiVa treatment. And I was worried that it would be painful but there was absolutely no pain whatsoever.”

Provider and Staff Testimonials

“Cherokee Women’s Health is by far the best ovum practice I have ever been to. The staff are so friendly and helpful,. It’s always clean and nice inside, the doctors are the best that there is. I would not go anywhere else!” Dana D.

“Dr. Haley and his staff are always awesome!” Betty G.

“I am so grateful to have someone like Dr. Litrel to rely on for my healthcare. Intelligent, caring, patient, and honors the feminine.”

“Very happy with all of the staff here. I passed out from getting my blood drawn and everyone was very helpful and even helped take care of my 4 year old during the process. Also, when I told my doctor about wanting to do a natural birth she was so respectful! I was afraid of them rolling their eyes but that didn’t happen at all. Love this place!” Margaret G.

“Always a pleasant experience! Very caring environment.” Kelly K.

“I absolutely love Cherokee Women’s!” Karen S.

“I live in Atlanta and Cherokee Women’s Health is out of my network, but I am always willing to make the drive to Woodstock or Canton and pay a little extra because I HIGHLY trust every provider in the practice as they treat you with respect and are knowledgeable in what they do. With this last visit, I was in and out in 30 minutes which I greatly appreciated because it was a last minute appointment and I was going to be late to work. Thank you!” Keren B.

“Dr. Gandhi is the best. I like how she treats me.” Maria P.

“I am always very pleased with this group of doctors! I would highly recommend them.” Bronte W.

“I am very pleased and quite grateful that I have found Dr. Katherine Hale. In vast sea of health providers she is certainly a diamond in the rough. She understands that the body, mind, spirit work as a complete system and can thrive with proper care.” Tara W.

Love you all for 10 plus years now.” Tracy A.

“I really like Dr Gandhi. I feel more like she is a friend than my doctor. She really cares and it shows.” Christy C.

“I had the best expierence. I was welcomed as a new client and they did everything to make sure they received the medical records from my previous doctor so they could give me the best care. They did an outstanding job and I can’t thank them enough. I never felt so comfortable at a doctor’s office. They made sure that I was comfortable and understood the rest of the process of my pregnancy. I look forward to my next appointment.” Mariah L.

“Simply the best practice.” Sylvia E.

“Dr. Gandhi is an absolutely amazing doctor. I have been dealing with my issues for over four years now, with them always being dismissed. She took the time to listen to and diagnose my problems and is truly concerned with helping her patients. I will never see anyone else.” Briana K.

“All the staff make my day! Love you all to pieces.” Shanika M.

“Dr. Gandi is THE best & worth the wait.” Janina C.

“Aside from the distance from my home, I could not ask for a better health facility. The quality of service at every point of contact is superior!” Sharon S.

“I was so anxious to see a new gynecologist as this was my first time at this Cherokee Women’s Health. As soon as I got in the exam room my anxiety was put at ease. All my questions were answered and the exam was really easy. I am so happy to call Cherokee Woman’s my new OB-GYN. Thank you!” Christine C.

“I absolutely adore Dr. Gandhi!” Judy T.

“I’ve been going to Cherokee Women’s Health for almost 3 years now. Never dissapoints. Always recommend.” Jennifer G.

“Dr. Gandhi is Awesome!!!!!! Very caring and friendly. I love her!!!” Telia B.

“I have had many different OB-GYN doctors but Dr. Crigler Is the absolute best! Great attitude, very polite, answers your questions and concerns and knows what he is talking about! I highly suggest anyone looking for an all around great doctor to see him! I’ve already sent 2 people myself!! Staff is very friendly as well!” Allyson L.

“I saw Dr. Haley for the first time and I am very, very impressed! He is a kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable doctor. He answered all of my questions and took very good care of me. I would highly recommend Dr. Haley. He is the best of the best!” Barbara M.

“Dr. Haley performed my hysterectomy and I’m doing great! The gas from the surgery finally absorbed and the pain went away. Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of me and getting everything taken care of.” Vivian J.

“I had a laparoscopic procedure done by Dr. Haley. I was very impressed with the staff at Cherokee Women’s Health. Everyone was efficient and helpful. Dr. Haley is a great doctor and has been really helpful.”

“I had a hysterectomy and everything went fine. Thank you Dr. Litrel.” Stephanie H.

“I had an Essure procedure (permanent birth control) done by Dr. Haley and everything went great! I expected there to be cramping and some pain. I’ve had a little spotting but other than that, I don’t feel like I’ve had anything done. Everyone at Cherokee Women’s was great! Thank you for everything!” Jamie K.

“Things are going well after my labiaplasty procedure. The staff was so great. It was a pleasant experience and Dr. Litrel was great! Thanks so much.” Jessica M.

“Excellent service. Dr. Haley was awesome.” Alicia R.

“Dr. Gandhi is the best. She listens and is extremely informative as well as friendly. I’m so glad I found her!!” Patricia H.

“I am glad I changed physicians. The doctor and this staff were not only delightful but very helpful.” Donna G.

“Love this place. Everyone is so friendly and kind.” Magdalena G.

“Dr. Gandhi is great! She takes time to listen and is warm and understanding.” Alyson F.

“I had an ablation done by Dr. Crigler. Everything and everyone was wonderful and Dr. Crigler has been so very good!” Karyn G.

“Everything was great. You guys are totally awesome!” Anna H.

“Ruth and the staff at Cherokee Women’s Health are wonderful!” Brianna B.

“You guys are great!” Megan J.

“I’d like to thank Dr. Gandhi for performing my ablation. Everything went smoothly and everyone was so nice.” Alexia R.

“Dr. Gandhi is wonderful. She came and talked to my family and me regarding my procedure. She kept us informed and answered all of our questions. All the staff at Cherokee Women’s and the hospital were so helpful.” Loretta H.

“Thanks so Dr. Gandhi for performing my procedure. My experience at Cherokee Women’s was great. My nurse was awesome!” “Jessalyn B.

“I had a repeat C-section. The baby and I are both doing wonderful. Dr. Crigler was awesome! He kept me calm and I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience.” Amanda C.

“You guys are amazing! The hospital staff was great. Dr. Crigler is wonderful. I had a repeat C-section and it was a great experience.” Cindy C.

“I had surgery and all was good. Dr. Gandhi is great.” Danielle H.

“Dr. Gandhi was amazing as always, and the hospital staff was wonderful as well. I had a lap ovarian cystectomy. I had a good experience.” Rachel D.

“I had a few procedures performed by Dr. Gandhi and she was absolutely wonderful, as always! The staff at Cherokee Women’s was wonderful and the staff was great as well.” Elizabeth T.

“I had a revision sling, vaginal colpectomy and colpocleisis performed by Dr. Haley and I already feel so much better than before surgery! I wouldn’t want you all to change a thing! Even the hospital staff were wonderful. Thank you so much! You did an amazing job!” Marilyn P.

“Dr. Haley performed by C-section and my baby is doing good and incision looks good. We love the hospital and we love Dr. Haley! Best experience! Thank you so much!” Michelle A.

“Dr. Hale performed a MyoSure polypectomy procedure and I’m feeling really good. No problems to report. Everyone from your office to the hospital are simply amazing! Dr. Hale is a jewel! Thank you so much!” Susan F.

“I give Dr. Haley an A+! I’ve always seen a woman provider but he put me at ease and made me feel comfortable! All of you at Cherokee Women’s are amazing!” Donna G.

“Dr. Hale and the staff at Cherokee Women’s is awesome!” Lissette P.

“I’d like to thank Dr. Gandhi for everything. I’m feeling better after my procedure.” Fidelina A.

“I love Dr. Hale! She takes her time and makes certain you leave with all your questions answered!” Cyra P.

“I recently saw Dr. Hale and you guys are great!” Chiquita D.

“Everyone was really sweet and polite. From coming in, to filling out the paperwork, to the doctors. Couldn’t ask for anything better.” Sanisha G.

“Everyone was pleasant and prompt.” Kimberly S.

“I love Cherokee Women’s Health. I especially love Dr. Gandhi and her staff. I’ve never had a bad experience. It has always been excellent and I just want to say thank you!!!” Treimona H.

“I had a hystero D&C performed by Dr. Litrel and everything went well. Thank you.” Lori G.

“Thank you for taking such good care of me. I had a few procedures done by Dr. Litrel and I had a good experience. Everyone was so nice.” Cynthia S.

“I had a repeat C-section performed by Dr. Gandhi and my baby is doing great! I’m still a little sore but getting better every day. I had a really good experience.” Andrea R.

“Dr. Gandhi performed an LAVH and cysto. While I’m a little sore, I’m doing alright and everything went well. I was very happy.” Miranda M.

“I had a D&C performed by Dr. Gandhi. You guys are always great! Thank you for everything!” Melissa H.

“The pain I was experiencing prior to the surgery is completely gone. I had a good experience. Thank you Dr. Crigler.” Stephanie K.

“I had a few female-related procedures done by Dr. Litrel. He was wonderful! Dr. Litrel came in the day after surgery and spoke to my family and he was just on point. Can’t thank him enough!” Krystal P.

“I chose Dr. Litrel to perform by labiaplasty even though I live out of state. While I’m a little sore, I actually feel pretty good. Your staff was awesome from the time I arrived until I left. Very good experience. Thank you so much!” Melanie M.

“I traveled from out of state to have Dr. Litrel perform my vaginal rejuvenation. Your office and staff were very professional and very accommodating. I was very pleased with everything.” Ura W.

“I had two procedures done, one for prolapsed fibroid removal and the other a hysteroscopy, performed by Dr. Haley. I’m doing much better and everyone was so helpful!” Lindsay C.

“Dr. Haley performed my hysteroscopy and D&C and I’m doing great! I felt no pain after the procedure. Cherokee Women’s is amazing! I can’t say enough wonderful things and Dr. Haley is such a fantastic doctor!” Christine G.

“I had a Novasure procedure done by Dr. Crigler and I’m doing excellent! I didn’t have any pain after my surgery, no cramping, nothing. I’ve had to take no pain medication. Thank you so much, you did a great job!” Peggy B.

“I had a hysteroscopy by Dr. Litrel and while the day of was pretty rough, Ibuprofen got me through it and I’m doing well. You guys are awesome, every visit, every time! Thanks for everything!” Vicki S.

“I was a little crampy on Friday after my hysteroscopy but that subsided fairly quickly. There’s really nothing more that could have been handled better, I had a really good experience. Dr. Litrel is great!” Amy G.

“I’m doing great after my hysteroscopy with Dr. Litrel! Of course, the day of the procedure it was a little rough but not unbearable. I took Ibuprofen and did fine. Dr. Litrel’s the best as usual! I’ll be back tomorrow for my bladder test.” Holly R.

“Dr. Litrel performed my vaginoplasty and he’s simply amazing! I feel absolutely wonderful and have done nothing but brag about him and his staff. I highly recommend your office. I was expecting more pain and downtime but I feel great! I sit at a desk all day and I’m going to work today. No pain meds for 24 hours. I had contacted another doctor’s office in your area prior to contacting you. I received your email response right away and it just felt right! From the time I first got in contact with your office, things fell into place and went so smoothly! I’ve never experienced this kind of excellent service at any doctor’s office I’ve ever been to. I was treated with such amazing courtesy and respect. I could not be happier with the care I received.” Juana L.

“I had an HTA (hydrothermal ablation) by Dr. Haley, and I’m doing well, everything went fine.” -Amanda C.

“Your office is amazing and Dr. Haley is awesome! He genuinely cares about his patients!”

“Everyone at Cherokee Women’s and the hospital has been very sweet and helpful. You will never know how much I truly appreciate you. Thank you.”

“Your office staff has been so helpful and kind, as was the hospital staff. Dr. Litrel is so on top of his game! He is an awesome doctor and surgeon!”

“I truly appreciate Dr. Litrel. He really cares about his patients.”

“Thank you Dr. Crigler, you’re always so nice and helpful.”

“Everyone was so nice and helpful at the hospital. Thank you Dr. Litrel. You are amazing!”

“Thank you Dr. Litrel for making my delivery a wonderful experience. I am blessed! I can’t say enough wonderful things about my birthing experience and the wonderful people at the hospital.”

“My granddaughter uses Cherokee Women’s for her obstetrical care. She recommend that I see someone at Cherokee Women’s because I was so unhappy where I had been previously. I started doing some research, not on the computer, but by word off mouth, which was easy for me because I work with the public. All the feedback I received was positive so I made my appointment. When I walked through the door of your office – and you can call it whatever you choose, but I will call it divine intervention – I knew, even before I was seen, that I was in the right place. I saw Dr. James Haley. He LISTENED to me, he was COMPASSIONATE, he WENT OUT OF HIS WAY to ACCOMMODATE my needs, and the PROFESSIONALISM of the entire staff was outstanding. I appreciate a doctor being up front and honest with me, while showing respect for me as a person, and Dr. James Haley did that.” -Shirley W.

“Dr. Gandhi delivered my baby with a c-section. She is an excellent doctor. My baby is doing wonderful and I am feeling much better. Enjoying recovery at home with a happy baby! Thank you for your amazing care and all you do! Everyone was so nice and friendly and cared for us in a professional manner. It was an amazing experience.” -Shirley J.

I love it here. Jodi always makes me feel welcome as soon as I walk in, my doctors I see are great, and I can get in whenever I need too. Thanks everyone at Cherokee Women’s Health for getting me through my pregnancy and getting Jace here safe and sound even with all my little complications :)” Jessica G.

I could not be happier with Cherokee Woman’s Health. The staff are amazing from reception to the techs and doctors. Dr Litrel has touched our hearts in so many ways and given life to our two beautiful sons!! We are thankful for you!!❤” Michelle

Cherokee Women’s is a great practice! Dr. Gandhi and Dr. Litrel have been wonderful to me during this pregnancy. The staff is very friendly and I can always call if I have any questions or concerns about my health. I am very happy to have such good care for my first pregnancy and birth!” Julia T.

Such wonderful staff! They were very informative and I got to meet with most of the doctors throughout my pregnancy. Each one was very personable. Thank you for helping to bring my son safely into the world :)” Katie Z.

The office staff and Doctor are awesome. Very friendly always happy smiling and will do anything to help. Dr. Litrel is my doctor and he is the best. Very easy going straight forward Dr. I have 2 Teenage daughters and I took them too see Dr. Litrel to get comfortable with talk to him about any problems they may be having. He was very straight forward with them about everything. If you are looking for a OB-GYN give the office a call!” Yvonne C.

Awesome staff and doctors!!!!” Tiffany C.

I LOVE the staff and Dr.Gandhi. She’s amazing! Makes you feel so comfortable and personable. Love her sense of humor.” Jenny G.

Dr.Crigler delivered my son on November 16th he did an amazing job and was wonderful throughout my pregnancy.” Mary P.

Great doctors and friendly staff.” Tiffany M. 

I loved the entire staff! I had to come in a lot because I was high risk. Now that I’ve had my son I miss coming in 🙂 I’ll definitely be coming back for baby #2″ Stephanie B.

I love that staff, I used them all nine months and when Dr.Litrel had to do a emergency c section, he made me feel very comfortable, even thou I was terrified. He delivered my first son and I will definitely be using you guys for my second baby!! ” Jennifer H.

After putting surgery off for years I finally had to give in and had surgery at the end of 2013. Dr. Haley did a great job and the nurses were awesome!!” Highborn H.

Love Dr. Litrel and the entire team at CWHS! Thanks for doing such a great job!” Gina C.

The people at CWHS are amazing. Dr. Haley is a very good doctor.” Michelle T.

Dr Litrel is truly the greatest OB there is, when I found out I was having identical twins at my first OB appointment he eased my mind and insured me things would be ok since I had recently just had a miscarriage lost 2 months prior to becoming pregnant with my twins. On March 7, 2014 Dr. LITREL delivered my 2 healthy twin boys! I highly recommend him to anyone!” Camille C.

Dr. Litrel did both of my c-sections for my little girls and I couldn’t have been happier to have him for my doctor! Both cesareans went wonderful and I am so glad I was able to have such a great surgeon!” Kayla R.

Dr. Criglor made the decision on what doctor’s office we chose simple! He had the best bedside manner, answered every question or concern we had with confidence and talked me through my whole surgery. I don’t think I have ever had a doctor that was so tentative during such a hard pregnancy. Thanks for being so amazing!” Ali H.

Pregnant with my third child, I found myself in search for a new OB-GYN after my former doctor changed his focus and is no longer practicing OB-GYN. I remembered how well Dr. Litrel took care of my sister-in-law eight years ago when he delivered my niece. My decision to have Dr. Litrel as my OB-GYN was obvious and I am very pleased with this decision. My former dr was a sole practitioner so I was a little hesitant about being a part of a practice, but Dr Litrel does not make me feel like a number, but shows he truly cares – which makes my 45 minute drive worth it! The staff and other doctors I have met are just as wonderful! I am very grateful God led me to this office. Thank you for all you do!” Rachel B.

The experience I had with Dr. Haley and Dr. Litrel was by far the most amazing experience ever! They made my labor and delivery super laid back and really easy. I would definitely have them for our future babies! They made delivery so amazing for me that I look back and wish that I could do that part all over again… And how many woman can say they want to give birth over and over again? I can honestly say that I would thanks to Dr. Haley and Dr. Litrel!” Brittany Anne H.

“Dr. Haley, the nurses and the entire staff did an excellent job… I’ve recommended them to friends .. and I appreciate the team and their experience very much!!!” Lisa E.

“I love Cherokee Women’s. My midwife Dr. Hwang helped me and my son during my delivery and Dr. Hale. They are the best. Thank you Cherokee Women’s.” Amber N.

Dr.Litrel is a great doctor.” Christina W.

An amazing group of doctors, nurses, techs, and administrative staff. They are a rare find in the medical field!” Ashley G.

“…My husband and I want to thank you for the time you spent with us and the compassion you’ve shown since our first visit…”Jackie M.

“…It certainly has been surprising to find a staff who works so hard to make you feel at ease and confident you are associated with people who care about you personally.”Sandra A.

“Dr. Gandhi serviced my prenatal appointments, and I thoroughly appreciated how she listened to me and my body. Nothing unnatural was forced, which I believe helped in a very smooth delivery. She was always very upbeat and her excitement bubbled over. By the end of each visit, I was always smiling. Susan delivered my baby, and she did a wonderful job. She was very comforting and soothing. Again, I appreciate how she let my body naturally deliver the baby it its own time. This was a wonderful pregnancy and birthing experience.””Billi Roush

“…I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my wife recently. You made us feel like she is the most important patient in the world. Of course, to me she is. But you showed great dedication and care in her treatment.”John G.

“…I enjoyed my visit to Canton and your practice. The good chemistry among your staff is evident…”Karen C.

“Dr. Gandhi and her staff are concerned women who listen to you carefully to determine the best treatment option for you. She skillfully delivered two of my children after very difficult pregnancies. Throughout my pregnancies, she kept a very close eye on me and determined the need for a perinatologist in order to provide the best care for me and the baby. She took the time to understand the health issues that I was having and found ways to prevent further issues. Even after delivery she was a concerned and involved doctor. Dr. Gandhi is a real jewel, and a doctor who has her heart in what she does.”Lydia Laucella

“…I have so much to thank you for – I am healing, healthy, and very, very happy!…The experience at the hospital was also the best, the staff was perfection!”Janice S.

” Thank you so much for being so supportive during my first pregnancy! I have been three times and the staff is absolutely wonderful! They have always been very kind and make me feel very comfortable there. Thank you for being a wonderful team!” Tiffany E

Dr. Litrel was a fantastic doctor. I had my first exam with him, although at first I was skeptical about a male doctor for my GYN. But after I met him I’m glad I kept an open mind, and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better doctor. He cares about you as a person and not just a patient. The front desk ladies and the nurses were very friendly and it’s a great office, very clean and not intimidating. I highly recommend Cherokee Women’s Health.” Vick

“I first came to Cherokee Women’s with a GYN issue which Dr. Litrel helped me resolve very easily. When I became pregnant with my first child, it was an obvious choice that I would return to Cherokee Women’s. Dr. Litrel and his staff were wonderful. I wanted my birth experience to be as natural as possible and all of the providers worked with me to provide this. They were respectful of what I wanted, but also expert with their care. It was a wonderful combination. (Separately, I was also thrilled with Northside Cherokee – a small hospital with amazing patient care in their labor and delivery section. Comfy rooms, too!) I returned for care with my second pregnancy. Again, the doctors were excellent and respectful of how I wanted my delivery to be. When my labor stalled, Dr. Litrel took me in for a C-Section. This likely saved my newborn’s life as she had a complete knot in her umbilical cord that was undetected. I am SO grateful for Dr. Litrel’s excellent skill. Excellent office, excellent physicians!”Karen M.

“I have never been to a more caring, competent doctor. Dr. Gandhi is the only OB/GYN that has ever sat down with me prior to exam and talked to me. She then explained my concerns. No doctor has ever done that before, and usually they just talk over me. I truly feel that she is the best doctor I’ve ever had. I also love how welcoming the office is. Referrals will forever be made to Dr. Gandhi by me!”Jenny Meyers

“I recommend Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists to anyone seeking outstanding medical care. At the time that I became a patient of Cherokee Women’s, I was very frustrated because I had been to several physicians seeking a diagnosis for my symptoms and complaints. Several of my friends recommended Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists to me and I decided to seek yet another opinion. I felt very comfortable during my initial office visit, and truly appreciated the amount of time taken with me. I can honestly say that I am feeling so much better, and the best part is the peace of mind that I now have. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Litrel, and will always be grateful for their genuine concern for me. We are very fortunate to have this exceptional group of physicians in our community dedicated to women’s health and wellness.” Carol

“I have been a patient at Cherokee Women’s Health for over 10 years. I have recommended both Dr. Ghandi and Dr. Litrel to all of my friends. I did this because I am 100 percent thrilled with not only the medical I care I received, but also the level of professionalism and courtesy at the office. I feel like they take the time to listen to all that is going on in my life and treat me almost like a friend. They’re not the kind of doctors to just give you a pill and tell you to come back in two months. For both my problem visits, they really took the time to research and look into it and diagnose me correctly. I would and have highly recommended this practice to my friends, and I always hear that they recommend Dr. Litrel and Dr. Ghandi to their friends as well. I was just at the tennis courts the other day and one of my teammates was talking about how she went to three different doctors, until Dr. Litrel correctly diagnosed what was going on with her. I feel blessed that he has been my doctor. If you want to be treated with care and honesty, this is the place. I am so grateful to have found them.” Linda A.

“The doctors and nurses are very nice and caring. The care exceeds my expectations. I highly recommend them.” Rosalie R.

“I wish all doctors’ offices were as friendly and easy to use. I’ve known Dr. Litrel for more than a dozen years and have friends and colleagues who have been his patient, so when I was searching for a new physician, I turned to Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists. The new patient portal was phenomenal. Usually when you visit the doctor’s office, you have a list of questions written down or memorized, then either forget the list or are too nervous or overwhelmed to ask. The online form contained prompts that allowed me to enter my history – and any questions or concerns I had – then someone actually called me back to discuss it prior to my appointment! In dealing with Dr. Litrel and Dr. Ghandi, I have found all three to be personable and approachable while being extraordinarily professional. I highly recommend this practice!” Beth

“Dear Dr. Gandhi, picture this…. A little, old, gray haired lady with glasses feeling… anxious, unsure, thoughts a little confused and in comes a doctor who immediately makes the little, old lady comfortable, heard, understood, and offers advice about still working even when her friends think she should retire. Thanks for your doctoring way that make your patients feel better.” Mrs. E.

“I just wanted to say thank you to Susan Griggs for delivering my sweet baby girl yesterday!!! You did a great job Susan!! Thank you for everything!! And thank you to Cherokee Women’s for taking care of me while I was pregnant!” Amber M.

“Dr. Gandhi was kind and thorough as well as patient. The staff at Cherokee Women’s is always friendly and thorough with whatever I’m trying to find out. This makes me comfortable.” Katie H

“Two thumbs up to all the wonderful providers at Cherokee Women’s for helping my family make it through our Miracle pregnancy with only a few weeks to go. I just want to take a moment to let you all know how much you mean to us – you’re not just a doctor’s office. We have built bonds. I’d like share just a few personal experiences over this pregnancy. I’d like to thank Dr. Hwang for understanding, listening, and letting me cry when I needed to. Susan, for the big hug when I came in miserable and just ready to give up. Michelle for always calling me back and for being so kind. Jenny and Star for knowing who I am when I call, and for working with a difficult schedule. Thank you all!” Mooney Family

“Jodi makes me feel very comfortable whenever I see her. I usually don’t like female doctors but Jodi has made me change my mind. She’s always caring and understanding. She feels genuine and that’s rare in a doctor. She is definitely an asset to your practice.” Kristyn M.

“I love the whole staff there, and since 1995 they have been taking care of me and all of my children.” Rayna F.

“Dr. Gandhi and her staff always make me feel comfortable and right at ease. My blood pressure is always lower here than any other medical office. I appreciate that! Thanks so much!” Janis Dunn

“Dr. Ghandi is the best! Her personality is amazing, and I’m so blessed she delivered both of my girls. She’s such a beautiful lady inside and out!” Christie W.

“Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists has the friendliest and most understanding staff. If you are a first time mom with a thousand and one questions then this is the place that you want to be.” Amie K.

“Helen was very comforting to me, and has a wonderful sense of humor. The front desk people, greeting reception, and check out, are also wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Litrel, for the Biblical conversation. What a change of pace for a change.” Barbara A.

“Dr. Gandhi has been with me through the beginning when I was first trying to get pregnant. I knew it was a perfect fit and couldn’t imagine anyone else delivering my baby. She is so comforting, intelligent, and explains everything to where I understand and feet at ease. I plan to have her deliver any future babies I may have. I’d highly recommend her and the staff here to all my friends and family. I’ve had such a great experience.” Jennifer David Ford

“Very clean and organized place. The doctors are very caring and understanding. I would recommend this office to any family and friends.” Amanda H.

“My doctor is so friendly; she really cares about your health. She always greets you with a smile. I give Dr. Gandhi an A+.” Melody H.

“The quality of patient care is outstanding! So pleased with the whole practice!” Monica N.

“I like my doctor. She is very kind and friendly. All the people in her office are friendly and caring. Dr. Gandhi has done an excellent job with me. She is a very caring doctor and very helpful.” Emma Bradford

“There isn’t a single person at Cherokee Women’s Health that doesn’t welcome you with a heartwarming smile and cheerful, Hello! Thank you so much for making me feel important whenever I see your smiling faces!” Terri A.

“I would like to thank the staff at Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists for the caring, professional attitude towards their patients. I would especially like to thank Angel for her caring and patience with both my mother and myself. You have made a difficult time much easier.” Margaret L.

“I am very pleased with Cherokee Women’s. Everyone is very friendly and helpful at all of my visits.” Debra S.

“Jodi was very helpful every visit. She made sure I understood everything that was going on which was very helpful being as though it was my first pregnancy. She’s very kind and understanding, and takes her time to make sure she’s answered all questions.”Amberly J.

“Angel always keeps me laughing while I’m waiting on the doctor, so I’m not as nervous. I can actually say it is one of the few times that I look forward to my appointments. I can call Angel anytime, and she takes the time to listen to me.” Angela S.

“Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists is an excellent OB/GYN practice. I know my baby and I are in good hands.” Kaitlin S.

“It has helped me reach my first weight goal and continue to achieve my next goal of 20 more pounds.” Tanya T.

“Love the staff and Dr. Litrel!” Elaine R.

“Dr. Gandhi is an extremely professional and caring doctor. She always makes sure that I am completely informed of what is going on with me. She also explains everything in a manner that is easily understood. I am so thankful for her hard work, dedication, and concern for my well being. I cannot imagine trusting anyone else with my health than Dr. Gandhi and Cherokee Women’s.” Lyn Blanton

“Doctors actually listen to me and do what’s best for me. They care more than another other doctor I’ve been to.” Emilee Z.

“Everyone is friendly and very helpful. It’s easy to make an appointment, and when I have questions someone always gets back to me promptly.” Freida K.

“I love all the staff at Cherokee Women’s. They are very helpful and kind, and are able to answer questions and concerns. Great service, and treated more like a person and not just a client/customer. It is rare to see that in an office.” Alena

“I really appreciate Dr. Gandhi’s straight forward advice and open approach to treatment. She is very careful to fully explain the background of the condition and all treatment options. Her knowledge and expertise in her field are up to date and you can tell that she makes it a point to research the latest information and science.” Andrea H.

“Office personnel is cheerful and pleasant. Dr. Gandhi is thorough. She has a wonderful disposition that shines through with her patients. Nurses and technicians are always pleasant and helpful. I would recommend Dr. Gandhi and Cherokee Women’s.” Lenora

“I have been a patient of Dr. Hwang and Cherokee Women’s since 2008. I have been so happy with everything here. Having recently given birth, I have nothing but great things to say about the team, in particular Dr. Hwang. Not only did she save my life and that of my son, but we are now both happy and very healthy. She has been an incredible doctor, so approachable and responsive to our thousands of questions. We love the entire team though, including the nurses and office staff. Thank you.” A. Mcnamara

“We love Cherokee Women’s. Everyone is so friendly, and I love that they really know their patients. For example, when I see Dr. Hwang, she always asks me how my husband and daughter are by name. I had the best experience with my first pregnancy, and I hope the doctors here will see me through another one soon.” Cady

“The staff at the Canton office is very helpful and friendly. I always feel at ease when I come in for checkups or when I have concerns. You guys are great.” Elizabeth T.

“Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists has given me an amazing experience throughout my pregnancy. They were always so kind, and answered all my questions. After having two miscarriages, they figured out what was wrong, and now I have a healthy 6 week old. They always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I will definitely return and tell me friends to come too.” Kelly D.

“Dr. Gandhi is always very nice, and always listens to what I have to say about how I’m feeling.” April

“I am new to the area, so I haven’t been to the office but a few times. The first visit was a great experience and I immediately felt welcomed. I told my friend (who was also new to the area) about this office and Dr. Hwang after my first visit and now she is also a patient. Love this office, and have no intentions of seeking another doctor’s office. You are all wonderful… keep it up!” Nicole D.

“The people here are always pleasant no matter what is going on in their lives. They are always smiling which tells me that they must love their job helping people.” Susan H.

“The staff at Cherokee Women’s is wonderful. They know exactly what to do in each situation. Everyone is beyond friendly, you just feel welcome here.” Morgan K.

“As a new resident of Cherokee County, I was apprehensive about finding a new doctor. Everyone at Cherokee Women’s Health has been very kind and welcoming – reception staff, nurses, midwives, and doctors. They have helped guide me through my pregnancy – the scary parts, and the happy parts.” Cara M.

“First of all the staff here at Cherokee Women’s are friendly, knowledgeable, and patient with you. I love my Dr. Gandhi. She is awesome! From my first pregnancy, and through my second, she has been nothing but a sweetheart. I love the fact that she is totally honest with me about everything that concerns me and my baby. She is so caring, and concerned with her patient’s well being, and I love that about her. Even if there is something I may not want to hear, she will always tell me the truth. I feel so comfortable with being my doctor.” Ebony McGowan

“In June of 2011, I was rushed to Northside Hospital in Canton in severe pain only to find I had a ruptured tubal pregnancy. My family and I were so devastated. Dr. Litrel came to my bedside and prayed with us, and then I was rushed to the operating room for surgery. He was so wonderful, kind, and had the best bedside manner. It’s February of 2012, and we are expecting again. Everyone in the office is so kind and respectful. I wouldn’t have any other group of doctors take care of me in our situation, and couldn’t imagine any other doctor bringing our miracle baby into this world.” Kimberly L.

“Staff is always a pleasure.” Brandy J.

“I think Dr. Gandhi does a good job. She is friendly and explains everything I want to know. Everybody who works at Cherokee Women’s is nice and friendly too.” Isabel Defilippi

“Being pregnant can be an exciting, but scary time in your life. Was that a kick? Should I have this much heartburn? The questions can be endless. The staff at Cherokee Women’s Health have been wonderful during my pregnancy! They are always helpful in providing advice and answers to questions. They have a knack for making you feel comfortable and completely at ease during your visits. A friend recommended Cherokee Women’s to me when I first thought I might be pregnant, and after my wonderful experience I would definitely recommend them, too.” Elizabeth H.

“I think Dr. Gandhi is a wonderful doctor. She takes the time to discuss any concerns you have. The staff is also exceptional.” Jessica T.

“Thanks for being the best OB/GYN ever! I had three kids with other doctors, and they were awful. However, Cherokee Women’s allowed me to get all my questions answered. Love you guys, you’re great.” Jennifer H.

“I’ve been doing to Dr. Gandhi for five years now. Dr. Gandhi is not just my doctor, but also my friend! She makes uncomfortable visits pleasant as her demeanor is so relaxed. I feel like Dr. Gandhi knows everything about me! I highly recommend her to my friends! Dr. Gandhi eased my fears about not being able to get pregnant, and carefully guided me through a fertility process. I was so fortunate to have had Dr. Gandhi by my side as she then guided me throughout my pregnancy! Dr. Gandhi is so caring, and comforting to see.” Jennifer Valeriana

“All the doctors and midwives are awesome and Jodi is just the sweetest lady. I always try to refer people here. Also, Angel Bobo is an awesome nurse. We love that Cherokee Women’s could help bring our children into the world. The doctors really care about their patients, and you can’t say that about every doctor in this world.” Amber L.

“I can always get an appointment quickly, and everyone listens to my concerns.” Sharon C.

“Everyone is always kind, friendly, and willing to take the time to help you with whatever you need. All of the doctors I have seen have been great in helping me and answering my thousands of questions. They also are more than willing to go over all your concerns as well as helping you with decisions and et cetera.” Jessica G.

“Dr Litrel is always very caring and considerate. He listens to your symptoms without making you feel like he’s in a hurry to move on to the next patient. He has offered alternative help with my Sjogren’s Syn. Disorder. He treats you with respect.” Sue H.

“Staff is always friendly and helpful. Doctor covered all areas and answered all questions that I had. I have been with this practice for many years and plan on being here many more.” Meredith O.

“When I went through an ectopic pregnancy, Dr. Hwang gave me her personal cell number, and she would call and check on me. I have never had a doctor be so compassionate about what I was going through. And of course, the staff rocks!” Erica M.

“The people are nice, thoughtful, and fast here. The doctors and staff are very warm towards you, and they care about you.” Nancy W.

“After moving to Cherokee County, and not knowing any doctors in the area, I am so very blessed to have found this group of doctor. My experience with the staff and Dr. Gandhi has been a wonderful experience with piece of mind that I am in the right care.” Cheryl D.

“I love the staff at Cherokee Women’s. I have had two babies- both with Cherokee Women’s and through both pregnancies, they have always put my mind at ease with any concerns I may have had. Such caring doctors and staff!” Jennifer W.

“I have been coming to Cherokee Women’s for 4 and 1/2 years. I’ve always felt welcomed and cared for. The staff is pleasant, and Dr. Gandhi is awesome! The sonogram technician was extremely gentle and understanding, and I was able to speak with her and ask her questions. I am grateful for this office, and all that’s been done to keep me healthy.” Kimberly E.

Dr. Litrel is the bomb! He and his staff have helped change my life considerably. I had the hydrothermal blast which completely alleviated my constant bleeding and clotting. Dr. Litrel also found a huge cyst on my uterus, and has been monitoring it closely. In fact, today we will discuss my options (just had a follow up with ultra sound.) I highly recommend Dr. Litrel and the wonderful staff! ” Roxanne W.

“Don’t look for another OB/GYN! Come directly to Townelake Woodstock! ” L. Daniels

“I always feel safe with Dr. Gandhi is looking after me. Her staff has always been amazing.” Michele K.

“Friendly staff that listens and cares about my health. Easy to get appointment with short waiting room times.” Loretta D.

“Dr. Gandhi delivered my sister-in-law and close friend. I was able to go into the c-section room with my brother and sister-in-law, and I was so impressed with the care they received that I switched from a doctor near Kennestone to Cherokee Women’s Health. I am very happy as a patient of Dr. Hwang. She listens to my needs and resolves my concerns. The staff is friendly.”

“Everyone is really nice and friendly. It is a professional environment. The wait to see the doctor is not long at all. I am so glad I chose Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists. My midwife Jodi Toledo is wonderful. She’s so sweet and answers all my questions.” Emily N.

“I have always had friendly experiences. My doctors have always taken the time to discuss and/or explain any questions that I might have. Dr. Cross delivered my first child in 1995, and Dr. Lapaquette delivered my second in 1999, so far, I have never had a bad experience in all these years.” Christy W.

“Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. No long waits, and very efficient.” Beverley S.

“Thank you to everyone at Cherokee Women’s for all you have done for me and my growing family. Susan Griggs is my favorite midwife. She is highly recommended, and the office is very friendly. They have carried me through my 4th pregnancy, and now 5th. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Kathy V.

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“Dr. Litrel was a fantastic doctor. I had my first exam with him, although at first I was skeptical about a male doctor for my GYN. But after I met him I’m glad I kept an open mind, and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better doctor. He cares about you as a person and not just a patient. The front desk ladies and nurses were very friendly and it’s a great office, very clean and not intimidating. I highly recommend Cherokee Women’s Health.”
- Vicki