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How PRP Improves Your Skin Through a Vampire Facelift

Lately, you’ve noticed that the rosy glow to your face is slowly disappearing, and a grayish tinge is replacing it. Your skin seems droopy. People regularly ask if you’re more tired than usual, even though you feel fine.

Upon closer scrutiny in the mirror, under bright, unkind lighting, you are shocked to realize that signs of aging are beginning to make an appearance around your eyes, mouth and a few other places.

Well, you’ll have none of that! You’re still too young, and you’re not about to look older than you feel, so you do some research, ask around and hear about something called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy –otherwise known as a Vampire Facelift. Though it sounds intimidating and, let’s face it, a little creepy, it’s a surprisingly simple, unique procedure with some amazing benefits.

What is a Vampire Facelift?

A vampire facelift is a process where your own blood is drawn, treated, combined with a filler and then reintroduced to targeted areas via injection. This procedure is called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, and it can, indeed, revert your skin back to its previous, youthful, glowing appearance.

How Does PRP Work?

Collagen, which is the body’s most plentiful protein, replenishes dead skin cells and provides skin elasticity and strength. As you age, you lose collagen, which is why your skin tends to become loose, stretched, and less supple, just like an overused rubber band that needs an extra twirl around your Saturday morning ponytail to keep it from falling into your eyes while you clean.

Blood contains growth factors called platelets. In Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), a vial of blood is drawn from your arm and put through a centrifuge for several minutes. This isolates the plasma and platelets together from the rest of the blood so that they are concentrated and no longer diluted by the rest of the blood.

A special additive spurs the plasma to release their growth factors. It is then thickened with a hyaluronic acid filler. (Hyaluronic acid is a natural gel-like molecule found naturally in the body which provides moisture, hydration, and lubrication) Upon injection to the area that will be treated, increased collagen growth is stimulated, replenishing what was lost over time.

What are the Benefits of PRP in a Vampire Facelift?

Platelets play a key role in the body’s healing and clotting process. When a wound occurs, they’re the first to arrive on the scene. They develop a stickiness and latch on the hurt cells, which in this case is the injection site. They then band together, in essence, ‘joining hands’ with each other to fashion a protective web of sorts, both in and over the wound. This forms a weak wedge or plug to stem the flow of blood.  They then emit chemicals to ‘call’ or attract stem cells over help begin stronger clotting—like radioing someone for backup. The body then begins to develop extra collagen to heal the wound.

In PRP therapy, injecting the site with so many plasma rich platelets that the body already recognizes as its own, dupes it into thinking that, since there are so many platelets at the ‘accident site’ the damage must be excessive. It assumes extra collagen is needed and produces it. That additional collagen, along with added filler used in the Vampire Facelift procedure, pushes out the hollows and wrinkles, smooths out the skin, and continues to produce healthy skin for months to come. For women between the ages of 25 to 70, this results in:

  • Almost immediate younger looking, firm skin with renewed elasticity
  • Continuing improvement in appearance over time as growth cells and blood supply continue to be stimulated
  • Diminishment of crow’s feet and other fine lines around the eyes, mouth lips and forehead
  • Healthier looking color and texture
  • Hydrating replenishment of papery looking, sun-damaged and loose skin
  • Fuller, more taut skin around the neck
  • Less visible scarring
  • Improvements to hollowed or darkly circled eyes
  • Overall improvement lasting for up to a year-even more
  • A more radiant, healthy-looking

What’s the Difference Between a Vampire Facelift and a Vampire Facial?

You may not need a full Vampire Facelift if you only have moderately visible lines that you want to correct. In that case, a Vampire Facial, which only uses the platelet-rich plasma without any added soft tissue dermal filler may adequately take care of the problem.

How Can Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists Help?

Any injections into the body require skill, knowledge, focus, concentration, and expertise. Only an accredited professional should be consulted to perform such procedures. At our clinic, Dr. Haley and Litrel are doubly accredited urogynecologists. They hold degrees in OB-GYN and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS). Dr. Haley has over a decade of experience in injectables, having obtained his certification in the field in 2007. Our physicians’ intense combined training makes them a superb choice for all your women’s health and cosmetic needs. They are committed to doing their utmost to ensure the health, confidence, well-being, and beauty of their patients, one woman at a time.

For a free consultation or to schedule an appointment for a Vampire Facelift, contact our office.

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“Dr. Litrel was a fantastic doctor. I had my first exam with him, although at first I was skeptical about a male doctor for my GYN. But after I met him I’m glad I kept an open mind, and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better doctor. He cares about you as a person and not just a patient. The front desk ladies and nurses were very friendly and it’s a great office, very clean and not intimidating. I highly recommend Cherokee Women’s Health.”
– Vicki

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