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At What Age Should Botox Treatments Start?

Traditionally, women started turning to the youth-restoring practice of Botox treatments in their mid-thirties or forties. More recently, however, the trend has shifted towards a much younger age-not only to smooth out wrinkles and flaccid skin, but to prematurely prevent the slackening process from happening at all.

Experts agree that starting Botox treatments at a younger age is beneficial to prevent lines and wrinkles from ever occurring. But at what age should Botox treatments begin?

Benefits of Early Botox Treatments

Technically there is no magic age to begin treatment, and it generally varies from person to person. A good rule of thumb is to look in the mirror and smile, frown, and then relax the face. If lines and wrinkles remain while the face is still relaxed, it may be time to consider preventative Botox treatments. Most will notice this occurring between the ages of 25 and 35.

When you begin early Botox administration, the collagen and elasticity breakdown that naturally occurs over the years is inhibited. Muscles that would ordinarily be enabling wrinkles, folds, and lines to form over time are literally frozen into a relaxed state. Botox no longer allows these muscles to contract as they attempt to comply with everyday expressions such as frowns, squints, or grimaces, thus leaving skin smooth and taut. Continued treatment allows you to retain a youthful appearance indefinitely, which in turn raises confidence and boosts self-image.

Trust Your Women’s Health Specialists Are you considering botox treatments?

In order to meet the high demand for Botox at a younger age, there are numerous physicians and “medical spas” that offer Botox injections. Though it is a fairly simple and quick process with little risk, choosing the wrong provider could result in negative effects such as penetration or damage to untargeted muscles, unnecessary bruising, excessive redness, headache, nausea, and drooping or tearing in the sensitive eye area. As well, improper application can cause symmetrical imbalance, or even have no desired effect whatsoever. It is important, therefore, that you opt for an experienced, trained medical specialist.

At Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists, we hold and maintain our outstanding reputation in women’s health, reconstructive surgery, and rejuvenation and cosmetic care by putting you and your individual needs first. Drs. Litrel, Haley, and Gandhi are doubly accredited OB/GYN’s and Urogynecologists holding degrees in both Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS) and OB/GYN. This enviable certification qualifies them to treat all of your personal, unique feminine problems, including any cosmetic requirements such as Botox injections. Dr. James Haley has had experience and certification in Botox and Injectables since 2007.

Voted ‘Best OB-GYN in Towne Lake, Canton and Woodstock’, we strive to continue meeting the highest standards that earned us this recognition.

At Your Botox Consultation

Beginning with an in-depth consultation, we can administer Botox in a safe, long-lasting manner that adheres to all FDA guidelines, including precise serum dilution. Your process will take place in a pristine environment with focused attention to the muscle location necessary for effective and successful results.

There is no finite age when Botox becomes ineffective or must be discontinued. Women well into their eighties are enjoying its aesthetic rejuvenating benefits. You can too, by letting us do our skilled part in keeping your outer appearance looking every bit as youthful as the age you feel in your heart.

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